Monthly Archives: January 2019

Snowbird Completes Testing and Validation on New 24K Lightweight ECU

Snowbird Environmental Systems completes testing and validation on our new 24K lightweight ECU. Third party testing confirms we meet all mil spec requirements and weigh in at 183 pounds.

Snowbird Releases Air Handling Units (AHU) for Food Industry

Snowbird Environmental Systems releases its first series of air handling units (AHU) for the food industry. These units are all stainless steel, with both heating and cooling coils to provide pinpoint control of dew point, temperature and humidity control. This innovative product peaked the interest of food growers, processers, cheese manufactures and many others in this segment.

Snowbird Awarded $14 Million Heat Pump Contract

Snowbird Environmental Systems is awarded a 14 million dollar multi-agency heat pump contract to be fulfilled within 3 years.

Snowbird Completes Design of New 18K ECU Lightweight Unit

Snowbird Environmental Systems completes design of a new 18K ECU lightweight unit, testing complete, the unit meets all Mil-Spec requirements and weighs in at 176 pounds. This unit improves efficiencies and saves valuable weight.

Snowbird Releases SNOW-028-HT Commercial Temp Condensing Unit

Snowbird Environmental Systems releases SNOW-028-HT commercial temp condensing unit for field testing in the California desert. This is the first in our line of commercial condensing units which can be mounted inside, outside and on roof tops.

Snowbird Adds Commercial Components Group

Snowbird Environmental Systems adds a commercial components group, the new group is focused on selling refrigeration and air conditioning components and manufacturing commercial HVAC&R condensing and air handling units.

Snowbird Environmental Systems Re-Organizes

Snowbird Environmental Systems re-organizes with the Addition of Scott Morse as CEO and John Pickell as Vice President.