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"Our team is dedicated to protecting both people and equipment from the most intolerable conditions around the globe.Our cutting-edge technology will go the distance, no matter the environment."
- Scott Morse, Owner/CEO

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Our Team

Scott Morse_Headshot_Snowbird Technologies

Scott Morse

Chief Executive
Jeremy Heerdink_Headshot_Snowbird Technologies

Jeremy Heerdink

Vice President, Business Development

Caroline Brown

Marketing Director
Air to Water Generator

Adam Kolb

P.E., Engineering Director

Life-Saving Technology

America's Premier Manufacturer of Mobile, Ruggedized Solutions

Snowbird Technologies’ dedication to protecting people and equipment from intolerable conditions drives their mission to provide cutting-edge technology that withstands any environment. We offer a range of custom-built environmental control units, air-water generators, and our latest addition, the SAMM Tech additive manufacturing platform.

Quality, Reliable Products

Customized Cooling, Water, & Mobile Manufacturing Systems

Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing
Air to Water Generator

We won't let you down

Equipment That's Tougher Than Any Environment

Powerhouses of dependability and maintainability, our trusted products are designed for teams working in remote and extreme climates and terrains. Every product is rigorously tested, compliant with Department of Defense (DOD) standards, and conforms to the strictest standards for safety and reliability. All of our products, across each brand, are rugged, mobile, and can be customized to meet your exact specifications.

Environmental Control Units
Air-To-Water Generators
Additive Manufacturing

Snowbird Technologies has provided solutions worldwide, on land and sea, for customers such as:


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