Introducing Snowbird water technologies!


 Snowbird Water Technologies is a new division of Snowbird Technologies, a world leader in Environmental Control Units (ecus) for military and mobile applications. Using cutting-edge Air-To-Water technology, Snowbird Water has developed Air Water Generators (AWGs) ideal for military applications to provide troops water when and where it is needed most.

The new platform provides drinking water to those in need when traditional means of water production and purification are not viable options. Air Water Generators (AWGs) are now available in various configurations and mobility platforms such as vehicle-mounted or trailer-mounted and can be accompanied by an ECU and a generator system, creating a turnkey solution. 

Extracting drinking water from the air changes the way warfighters hydrate in remote or austere locations. The Snowbird AWG produces water from air, using an extremely efficient process by which condensation is collected and treated with an ozonator and UV light, ensuring safe and potable drinking water is produced at the tactical edge of the battlefield. 

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