PRESS RELEASE | Snowbird Technologies Releases the SMART Environmental Control Unit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., September 15, 2023 – Snowbird Technologies today announced the release of its SMART Environmental Control Unit (ECU) telematics system.

SMART ECU telematics is a modular system that can be integrated into new and existing ECUs. Offering continuous remote control and monitoring of all critical components, SMART is designed to improve equipment capabilities and efficiencies while mitigating equipment failures.

“For individual ECU systems, SMART is ideal for fault detection and maintenance visibility, as it is equipped with the brains to notify users of warnings to prevent unit failures, automatic diagnostics to expedite repairs, and data logging for complete maintenance trackability,” said Adam Kolb, Director of Engineering. “However, SMART can also be networked for simultaneous monitoring and control of hundreds of ECUs from one control point. This allows for one operator to seamlessly direct maintenance and service for an entire ECU network.”

SMART metrics can be monitored remotely and controlled over a network using a weatherproof CAT5e internet cable port located on the front of the ECU. When sensors detect maintenance or potential failures, SMART can react to perform emergency shutdowns, enable lead-lag operations and emergency load transfers, and transmit notifications to the operator.
Network protocols and software are customizable to meet the unique applications and security requirements of each user.
To learn more about the SMART ECU telematics system, visit


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