PRESS RELEASE | Snowbird Technologies Named as an Awarded Contract Supplier for the University of Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 28, 2023 – Snowbird Technologies today announced that it has been named as an awarded contract supplier for the University of Florida.

The portfolio of Snowbird Additive Mobile Manufacturing Technology systems – SAMM Tech – and optional add-ons was approved for availability on a 3-year supplier contract through the University of Florida’s Robotics and Related Accessories solicitation (FY23-ITB-016). As an awarded supplier, Snowbird Technologies’ portable, hybrid manufacturing platforms are available for purchase by colleges and departments at the university.

“SAMM Tech was designed to equip operators, students, and researchers with a revolutionary additive manufacturing platform that differentiates itself from any other 3D printer system on the market,” said Caroline Brown, Marketing Director. “The ability to distribute this system to a well-known research university such as The University of Florida has the opportunity to open new areas of research, programs and degrees, and specialization in this evolving market.”

Additive manufacturing has been adopted by the Department of Defense, which actively collaborates with universities to continue to develop this type of advanced manufacturing for utilization across military and civilian applications. Several benefits can arise from a university-owned additive manufacturing system such as:

  • Access to new research grants and funding
  • Development of experts in additive manufacturing
  • Expansion of the scope of university research offerings and capabilities
  • Attract new faculty and student talent
  • Connect with industry experts


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