Model: SAWG-28

Discover Snowbird Technologies’ Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), a revolutionary, energy-efficient solution for creating clean drinking water. Uniquely designed for harsh environments, our portable AWG transforms air into water without needing a raw water source. Ideal for military and remote applications, it features an automatic shut-off, rainwater harvesting, and a flexible 3-tier water generation system, adapting to different power availabilities. Our robust Model SAWG-28 leads the range, capable of producing up to 20 gallons daily in optimal conditions.

The Snowbird Technologies Atmospheric Water Generator – or AWG – is a lightweight, portable machine that can produce, store, and distribute water in the most austere and contested environments.

As an alternate solution to Tactical Bulk Water Operations, atmospheric water generators provide life-sustaining drinking water without the traditional need of a raw water source.

The Snowbird Technologies AWG is different from competitor products as it features energy-efficient capabilities such as automatic shut-off, rainwater collection, and a 3-tier water generation system. The 3-tier system creates flexibility for the warfighter based on available power and can operate either the small, large or both water generation systems in tandem, creating a positive relationship between power used and system efficiency.

The Snowbird Technologies AWG is a force multiplier at the tactical edge of distributed operations. Model SAWG-28 is our largest portable unit and can produce up to 20 gallons of water per day in optimal conditions.

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Snowbird Technologies’ dedication to protecting people and equipment from intolerable conditions drives their mission to provide cutting-edge technology that withstands any environment. We offer a range of custom-built environmental control units, air-water generators, and our latest addition, the SAMM Tech additive manufacturing platform.

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